Windows Server 2022


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So, I finally am upgrading my server OS. Played around with Server 2022 in VM and liked it enough that I went ahead and updated my home server OS. I had some extra parts and built a backup server to hold all my files. I finished that server off and transferred all my old files and movies and stuff over to it. Then I rebuilt the 80TB storage pool on the main server. I have one parity drive that is 30TB and one mirrored virtual drive that 10TB that will be for my documents and home videos. I also have a bunch of those files backed up to OneDrive as well.

Now I'm repopulating the shares and setting up the user accounts.

It's really a nice OS. I'm on a 180 day evaluation right now. I will be buying this OS.

EDIT: The old OS was Windows Server Essentials 2012r2.
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