Windows Media Player


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Is there a plug-in for Windows Media Player?

Play and pause work fine, but not fast forward or rewind. Am I missing something here? I'm running Media Player 8 on WinXP.

I want to be able to do some simple things like fast forward 15 or 30 seconds at a time, to quickly bypass the commercials in .wmv files. (I use SnapStream, in addition to the ATI Recorder)

I was just using WMP last night watching a movie and I tried using
the remote with it and none of the functions worked for me.Unusual
because it's worked for me before but not now.
If I could make the damn plugin myself I would,but I looked at
the ammo stuff and I got frightened..If someone wants to help that understands this better please step up..
It seems to be a bug that
even though I asign a key to open WMP,it won't unless I open the
actual remote program even for a second and close it again,then
the assigned keys will work.And yes I have the remote load on startup.This forum is still surprisingly slowww..
I thought u need the Remote program to do anything...

I thought u need the Remote program to do anything...

You have to run the Remote software to make the Remote work at all no? Nothing works unless the program is running on my PC.
I use the ATI MMC, and all the functions seem to work with that... well they should.
I think this thing is great... can use it from upstairs on the next floor...
At least winamp is supported :)