Windows Media Player and K!TV plugins !


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someone told me about about new plugins from a french guy Thierry Charles : Windows Media Player and K!TV plugins !
Please visit my website for more info and link...

Any feedback here or directly to the author would be appreciated :-)
Personnaly I can't manage to use the WMP plugin, but I've got the version 9 RC installed on my system....
I downloaded the plugin via your website and I thought I had read somewhere (release notes? readme.txt on the site of the author?) that the plugin doesn't work with WMP9...
yeah you surely read that info on my website lol
coz neither on the author's website nor in the ZIP archive you can read that the plug-in will not work with WMP9.
Actually, the author did not mention which version of WMP his plugin was designed for ...
Don't suppose anyone has tried it with WMP9?

Don't suppose anyone has tried it with WMP9?

I'll have to download it when I get home and see, just to make sure :)

A shame, because WMP9 is what I use.

I should add some infos :
the remote wonder works fine with WMP 8 or 9 : you can change tracks, mute, volume, pause, play, stop.... but no extra functions...

the new WMP plugin for the RW does not add extra controls for WMP9, so you don't need it...
but anyone could tell us if it works fine with WMP8 ??
I have not had any luck with this plugin, I use WMP8. It does the same functions in WMP, as I could do before I installed the plugin. None of the new features work for me.

Tom: You take the MediaPlayer.dll file and place it in your "C:Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl\Plug-ins" file. Then click on the ATI Remote Wonder icon in your system tray. Go to the tab called Plug-ins, press the Import box. Then select the MediaPlayer.dll it will be added to your list of plugins, put a check in the box in front of it, to activate it.
Ah ok

Ah ok

Thanks BobTheCat; that's exactly what I did to get it to work. Mind you, I was using Windows Media Player 9 whchi is supposedly not covered. You're right, though; no extra functionality.