Windows ME restoring system files.


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If you delete one dll in your windows\system folder. It will reappear, its undeletable.
So I'm thinking. How can you restore new files when my opengl32.dll isnt working? I need a new opengl32.dll cous i cant get halflife to work in opengl anymore. It used to work.
Is there a way with the ME CD ?
Libraries are in zipped cab files on the install cd.
I searched manually through a few to get atl.dll back in windows/system after a (really deep;))clean uninstall of drivers :rolleyes:
There may be an easier way but patience did it for me...
Yes, I have also looked into the cabs on the install CD. But the opengl32.dll's i have found there havent worked yet. I have only checked half yet tho. Still _many to go.
Folks, try going to Start>Program>Accessories>System Tool>System Information>Tools>System Editor>Expanding Files>(insert Window ME CD-ROM)>(type in the file want to restore)>OK. It should be ok, but hope .dll file can also work in there. Save you more trouble to search around thousands of files.