Windows mail/skype kill login token across multiple devices


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So my mom calls me and is all super worried about her boyfriend who has apparently being reading all of her Skype messages and emails as she had signed in on his computer via Skype and windows mail.

He refuses to allow her to touch the computer to sign out remove herself from them. (toxic relationship anyone :mad: ) anyways I tell her to do the /remotelogoff in skype itself to force log off and tell her to change her email password.

She does this from her work PC and gets home tonight and tells me windows mail on her home PC is still synced and she's getting her outlook mail via that with out having had to login in with the new password. So I can only assume he can still view her email the same way on his pc.

It's easy enough to remove the outlook account when you have access to the pc and the mail program but how do we kill the token remotely that would allow her BF to view it on his. :nuts: