Windows Defender sucks


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It took Windows Defender 5 minutes to scan a ****ing downloaded text file. That's 500 bytes. I'm sorry, but whoever wrote the the piece of **** scanning engine should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into outer space. There is no excuse for this. I don't care if it's some asshat college graduate from India. There is no level where this sort of programming malfeasance should be allowed.

I wouldn't trust the file as clean if you only used WD. Its probably Ok (text file) but that is the least effective scanner you can use. Funny thing is MS was so eager to get into the AV business when they first released MSE then they just let it go to shitt.

McAfee Stinger is a really good stand alone substitute if you want a general quick scan for the obvious infections.
Since its first release, I don't think I have ever seen windows defender actually do anything, so much as to where I don't actually know what it is supposed to defend against, except maybe idle cpus.
Hahaha... With all the crap monitoring and analytics going on in the scanners I actually stopped keeping virus killers installet. If you don't pay the software will turn into an adware freakshow. Then mandatory updates that resets privacy settings / introduce new variations.

ZFS, loads of filters in the pfsense, Spybot search and destroy (old one). Best thing I ever did. A full scan twice a year on a no-network BSG-style setup, then uninstall.