Windows 98 se????????????

I have the win98 driver. I would try to email it to you, but it is 11+ megabytes. could I ftp it to someone so they can mirror it?
can you install them ???
i get a error that i don't have a properly card or i didn't set first a Standard VGA.
when i get the driver(system devices> driver update) work then i don't have thenew Control panels :(
Can't even extract them (Catalyst for Win9x/ME)

Can't even extract them (Catalyst for Win9x/ME)

I tried twice using a Download tool and then tried to extract the file to a folder. I get a Corrupt Archive message when using WinRAR or a message that the exe is corrupt if I just double click on the file.

I'm hoping someone will come up with a solution soon.

Dyre Straits
I haven't installed them yet. They go on my other computer. But I can open them with winRAR and extract anything I want. I'm fairly certain that my set will work.