windows 98 reinstall question


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I've noticed several posts about reinstalling windows and performance improvements with radeon cards. Can I just reinstall over the current windows or should I reformat and reinstall? I have a norton ghost image of a virtually clean install. When my radeon 64 ddr comes I am going to completely uninstall my nvidiot drivers and install the radeon card. Are there any programs that will assist me in uninstalling all of the nvidia drivers?
To be honest, I generally recommend doing a complete format of your Windows System and doing a re-install.

There might be a lot of people who would disagree, but it comes down to personal preference. There is nothing like the speed of a cleanly installed Windows 98 system :)

As for the Nvidia driver removal.. I really dont know. You might want to hit an Nvidia forum for that kinda information, or try posting in 'Off Topic' where there are more people :)
Chicane-UK, I agree with you 100%. A complete format and reinstall is the only way to know for sure that there will be no left over drivers or registry entries to pee on your parade.
I always reformat after removing a piece of hardware (unless it's something like a mouse or a printer). It's the ONLY way! :D
I remove my HD, soak it in a solution of dish detergent, power-wash it, dry it in the oven at 325 degrees F for about 26 minutes, then sprinkle jasmine and lavender on it.

Pop it back in the computer for a system that's clean and fresh...

...and dead.:D
Allnatural said:
I remove my HD, soak it in a solution of dish detergent, power-wash it, dry it in the oven at 325 degrees F for about 26 minutes, then sprinkle jasmine and lavender on it.

Hey, that sounds like a good idea! I'm going to try it later today. Wish me luck! :)
Nothing like a fresh OS..Mine is only 22 hours old..;)

Before reinstalling Win9x/ME you should create a D partition in fdisk..I have a 10GB D: partition on a 40GB drive..I save downloads/apps/whatever there..Also all my drivers(Of course backed up on a CD-R as well) & programs I need to install are there..So a reformat/installation isn't a big deal for me..

And the best thing is all your files are there waiting for you (On the D drive) after the installation of Windows..
What more can you ask for..:cool:
So true. I recently partitioned my teeny 15gig HD, and it has made my life so much easier.

Now to get a 2nd 15gig and a RAID controller.;)
Gah. You silly people. Why waste huge amounts of time reformatting when deltree c:\windows is a million times faster and a million times more conveinent. You get your clean install, plus you don't have to go running around backing up files and restoring custom settings afterward.
I never format. Never.

The only time I re-install windows is when the 120-day evaluation expires. :D Or when my harddrive dies.


Last week, I installed QNX in a primary partition behind win2k in a fat32 partition. QNX installed it's own bootloader, which was fine. Anyway I got bored of that, and decided to revert back to the win2k bootloader. So. I go to Win2k Disk management. I select the win2k partition, and right click "set active". Imediately all the partitions on the disk disapear from the disk bar graph thing. I click on the bar to select properties, but the program crashes, and bombs out. :eek: I think oh oh. Better hold in those bowels. I goto my computer... Blank, nothing nada (drives that is) cdrom was at least still there. Me thinks it's time to turn of the power.

Insert my magic super douper bootable "save my computer CD" which loads up dos with a sh1t load of utils, PQ, etc... I go through my utils. Guess what. The drive is completey blank. No MBR, no boot records, no partitions, no fat tables, nothing. Everything gone. Weird eh?

Just as well I have backups automatically copied to my server. :D

Re-install just because you have changed hardware? That is just insane! Re-install just to change drivers???????? :D lol some people have way to much time!

Man, I have changed my entire pc's hardware and not re-installed and still have the same level of performance.