Windows 8.1 protection


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Starting running Windows 8.1 and am hearing Avast is causing crash issues and I hate Zonealarm, so wondering what protection software you guys are running with Windows 8.1?

What does Windows 8.1 have built into it? Is this good enough?

This is for home personal usage so I don't think I would get any kind of hardware for a firewall but please let me know if you think it's really beneficial.


No problems with Avast here. In fact, you shouldn't have any problem with any current AV product on 8.1.

As for a firewall, the Windows built-in one is fine for most home users.

Also, this should probably be in the General Software forum, not OT. Jussayin'.
Windows 8.1 has built Microsoft Security Essentials built-in, only it's called "Windows Defender". However most any of the big name free utilities should work fine.

I'm using Kaspersky only cause I get it free from work. On the other machines in our house I've put Webroot on them, also free through work.

It's really 6 and one half dozen of another. Yes, some work better than others but the biggest advantage (or disadvantage) of any such tool, is the person operating the computer.

If you regularly practice smart and safe behaviours you'll be fine with almost absolute certainty.

I'm partial to MBAM, but their free version doesn't have real-time protection. Maybe have it and do a manual scan as often as you feel necessary (once a month maybe), and just use the built-in Windows Defender for the real-time protection. :)
Avira is quite good. Free version has nag screen pop-ups. Avast would be good if not for the obnoxious number of false positives.
Panda cloud is a great choice for free av. If I didn't have this 2 year avg internet security key I'd probably be rocking panda cloud, mbam, and the stock windows firewall
I use Bitdefender lately, been happy with it. You can get regular discounted deals on it and Kaspersky by signing up for newegg daily deals. Often cheap or free after rebate.
Haven't had any problems with Avast either. I tried Panda but couldn't figure a way to make the advertising pop-ups stop. MBAM is always good to have along with your AV.

As for a firewall the default Windows firewall honestly is good enough, but I recommend installing Windows Firewall Control (free) to make it easier to use. No 'learning mode' without paying though if that's what you're after.