Windows 2K icon problems


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Hi, I'm new to this forum & if you seen this question before please excuse me. I run win2000sp1 with up to date web updates. Recently when I use MMS and call somebody using Netmeeting and at the end when I try to disconnect the call, netmeeting just hangs. I can't close it or even shut it down using the task manager. I have to do a soft reboot (reset), but when the OS restarts all my icons show in 16 or 256 colours even though show icons with all pos. colours is enabled. Also it somehow desables all the videocards hardware acceleration, as I found out when I ran dxdiag. I tried to rebuild the icon cache using tweakUI or even deleting it then restarting, removing & re-installing the video drivers, but it all remains screwed. The only remedy was to re-install the OS (third time). Is there a fix for this as it only seem to happen when using netmeeting through mesenger.
Machine Spec: Athlon T-bird 850, Abit Kt7Raid, 256PC133cas2, Radeon 64 vivo, SbLive, Win2K sp1 IE5.5sp1.
Any help is appreciated