Windows 2000?


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Come on guys help me out here. I'm thinking of buying Win 2K but have a few queries.
Firstly I currently run ME and have heard that 2K is more stable, is this true? I have had some crashes with ME and would like my OS to be as stable as possible.
Secondly, what is 2K like for gaming?
Thirdly, what is it like with our beloved Radeons, is performance acceptable, I am assuming it must be seeing as though so many of you seem to use 2K.

Any info appreciated.
I'd go back to play better and the radeon loves to live with 7075 drivers. I've tried win2k, winME...both crap if you ask me. Don't by it yet. To many issues with existing programs and drivers. Wait to see what winXP will do.

Defenition - Stable = Win98SE and just load it up:D
OpenGL gaming in W2k is just as good if not better. Window gaming on the desktop is 5times better in W2K. Like when you play QuakeIII in a window in W2k you FPS is virtually unchanged from a full screen session. I sometimes play QuakeIII on the destop with a DVD playing like Metalica while I am fragging, talking about a rush. Can't do that in WinMe. Serious Same is the same way. Most games that say W2k on them (getting to be many) play virtually the same in w2k and WinMe, now there are some games that don't play well in W2k. I recommend you dual boot so that you will always be able to play any game you want. Now I mostly play in W2k.
Win2k overall is more stabel than WinME or 98se. I run almost EVERYTHING on Win2k, but there are a few exceptions. While a lot of games like Unreal or Quake run fien on Win2k, most driving games like Need for Speed series donot.

Depending on what kidn of games you like, run Win2k for everything, but if you have a few racing or flying games I recommend a dual boot with Win98se.
dual boot

dual boot

Win 2K really stable.Never major crashes or hangs or "press the reset button"situations.Isuggest you forget windowsME and use Win98se for games and Win 2k for everything else.
Amen Brother! I just loaded Win2K (yup, right over win98se - no problem!) I'LL NEVER GO BACK. Now I can run my TV, listen to music, read this forum, and whatever and it DON'T crash. Games ... better. Slower ... a might. Not much. Stability well worth it. Just DO IT!:cool:
IMHO, the stability of 2000 is well worth the upgrade. I'm a systems admin and I have been monkeying with 9X/NT/2K for a long time. I finally found the perfect solution (for me at least!): Dual Boot with System Commander.

The reason I prefer this over the 2000 boot menu is that it allows you to hide the Win98 partition from 2000 and vice-versa. Before this technique, I had problems with Win2K occasionally making changes to the "Program Files" folder of Win98 and mucking things up. BTW, NEVER install both OSs to the same partition.

Overall, I have 3 partitions:

1) A 2GB FAT32 partition for Boot Commander and a "SHARE" folder for data that might be needed for both OSs. I also keep all my drivers here.

2) A small (4GB on mine) partition for 98SE, enlarged as needed when I find problem games or apps that don't work right in 2K (enlarged with Partition Magic). Let's face it, some games work a lot better in 9X, and some don't work in 2K at all (I agree with RadPike regarding ME, I think 98SE with the 7075 drivers is a better bet. I personally hate WinME) I also apply the 98lite patch which allows you to trim down 98 to the bare essentials, and also seems to improve stability. I use the "sleek" configuration of 98lite and my 98 boots up faster than ever. You can find 98lite here: (preview version is free, no time limit)

3) The rest of the space is an NTFS partition for Win2K. I use 2000 for nearly everything but "Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed" :)

I have heard that the boot manager that comes with Partition Magic can hide partitions as well, but I haven't used it so I have no opinion about it.

The downside? More software to buy! I was lucky enough to have my company get it for me but most folks don't have this option. I would bet there is a freeware alternative to System Commander. Anyone know about a good freeware boot manager?

Best of luck!
The good thing is that you can hide the partitions from the other OS.Just look at my specs and you will understand why.;)
ok tell me this. What games will not play in WIN2K. I play command and conquer Red alert 2, UT, Baulders gate, Sim Theme park, A slew of you don't know jack, and the sims. My fiance is a teacher and I was looking for something more stable. She dosn't really play any games except sim theme park.
look at my specks below. Would it be wise for me to upgrade to win2k??
what games dont work - GENERAL RULE

what games dont work - GENERAL RULE

The general rule for games that work and dont work for win2k

WORKS with Win2k
-FirstPerson Shooters (Unreal Tournament, Doom, Quake, Serious Sam)
-Simulations (The Sims, SimCity 2000&3000)
-any 2D games (Microsoft Entertainment Packs, Casino Games)
-sports games

Does NOT work with Win2k
-racing games (Need for Speed, Daytona, F1 Racer)
-DOS games

Sometimes work with Win2k
-flight simulators

BEST solution = Dual Boot with Win2k and Win98se

PS - use 98, NOT ME, because ME has hidden DOS access and if you ever plan to run older games, you will quickly see how difficult ME is compared to 98
I just gave my "understudy" all my old games. Just have those few. I know any new games are compatible with win2k. so I am not worried about that. Thanks all for the info.