Windows 1909 990FX question.


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So as I am waiting for the CPU for the new setup, I upgraded my existing rig
to Windows 10 1909
(8350, Sabertooth 2.0 990FX, WD blue 250G SSD and 5700 flashed to XT).

All is well, but I noticed in the device manager that the chipset is a generic one
vs showing up as Intel C220 in my laptop.

Did install latest AMD chipset driver but is in only for 1 device (SMBus)

Is this normal? Should 990FX show up somewhere in the device manager or no?
Yes, it's perfectly normal. I just installed a fresh install of Win 10 2004 USB on my dad's rig that has a 990FX board and I installed AMD chipset just like you mentioned. Everything else worked fine. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. This isn't a Zen board, so it should be fine!