windows 10 image cloning and bitlocker


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So I removed bitlocker encryption and copied my windows 10 image to a new Samsung 970 evo with clonezilla(Im cheap). All fine, just need a little repair on start-up from recover side and it was booting, but now win10 cannot enable bitlocker. It seems cloned win10-images cannot enable bitlocker.

Im thinking I could maybe back-up the win10 (with windows built-in back-up?). Secure erase to enable drive encryption, install win10 from stick and recover that back-up, and maybe then I could enable bitlocker? Anyone else have experienced this?
Did you clone the whole disk or just the main partition?
I've had some luck with G4L raw disk to disk clone then resizing the main windows partition on the new disk.
I cloned the whole disk, its cool that clonezilla supports nvme now. Its an enterprise-windows, so it might be build-in that it does not support bitlocker on clones.

One idea was to install fresh win10 and than clone just the c-partition from old disk. There is a 800meg partition after C-partition that, I think, is the bitlocker boot partition. Im not sure though. im guessing if you resize and move the 800meg partition it might break the bitlocker.

On the the first time I cloned from original SSD to 500GB USB-disk and from that file on the USB-HDD to the 1tb EVO, now I bought a USB 3.1 to NVME enclosure so I can clone directly.. alas I read that the Samsung cloning software doesn't support most usb-enclosures.

Any ideas are very much appreciated! If some easeus or acronis can do this than I might consider purchasing, but just need to be sure.