Windows 10 custome shortcuts


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So at my work place I have Group Policy setup so that each morning all PCs at the bank are reset to a base policy that sets the default browse to IE as the company's Core provider requires it for all of its systems. This fixes any user that tries to get cheeky with their own PC and override the company setup with any hacks or tricks.

Now we have 2 web sites that our employees are having new daily issues with that I need them to use Firefox with or they will not render correctly. Now this is not a problem with most of the employees as they just open Firefox, or with the Google heads Chrome, and off they go and all is well.

How ever this is modern office so many of them do not even know what a web browser is nor what a Firefox is. (Is it a animal Athena?) :mad:

No, air lock for you!!! (I wish)

So I am looking to make life easy for these people that should not have been hired to work on computers that do not even know what the name of the dohicky in their have that moves the pointy thing on the tv screen so they can typewriter their messages and work. (my goodness)

So this is what I am thinking, for these people I want to put a shortcut on their desktop that they can click that will auto open the website in the correct browser. Do we have and script kitties on Rage with that level is skill? :cool:

It has to be built into the shortcut due to the GP
Unless I'm misreading you, can't you just add the web address to the target box when you check the shortcut properties, like so?

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

That would open up Rage3D in Firefox, even if Chrome or IE is the default browser. Then just change the name of the shortcut and/or the icon to whatever you want if they're still inclined to get confused.
The other option is to just put a shortcut for the browser and make the home page the specific page they need to open. You can change the icon to whatever you want.
Just to add my 0.02 cent to nutcrackr's input, you can use Group Policy Preferences in User Settings to copy a file (in your case the shortcut) at a location of your choice on the user desktop.

Using something like %userprofile%\Desktop as a destination, so that the destination is correctly mapped to the desktop of the currently logged on user, would probably work.

As for the source you can put the shortcut into the NETLOGON share or a file server you know all users have access to.