Windows 10 corrupted profile after update


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After the 2020-02 Cumulative Update and a couple other minor updates (.NET, Flash, Malicious Software Remover) installed, my primary profile becomes corrupted and I get sent to a temporary profile upon login. I've restored a backup and tried it 3 times, and even replaced the SSD, but the same thing keeps happening. Anyone else have this happen, or hear about it before? It's insanely frustrating
After doing some digging, I found a solution. Turns out Windows updates can corrupt profiles if there are any directory paths under that user that are longer than 255 characters. Not always, but definitely possible. In my case, I deleted the long folder paths under AppData\Roaming...discordsdk\, re-ran the updates, and was able to login to my profile without problems.

Pro Tip: To locate all long folder paths in your profile:
1) Open PowerShell
2) Cd to C:\Users\<your profile name>
3) Run the following command: cmd /c dir /s /b |? {$_.length -gt 255}
4) Look at the output of long paths. In my case, everything was under AppData\Roaming and related to discordsdk.
5) Open the path listed and delete the files & folders (or move them if you must).

BTW Discord runs fine without those files so I'm not really sure what they're used for.
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