Windows 10 2H20 October Update Is Out


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Windows 10 20H2 (October 2020 Update) introduces new Start menu design.
Taskbar comes with a more personalized layout for new accounts.
Notifications are now less intrusive.
New refresh rate settings are now available in Display.
Windows 10 20H2 lets you copy device info in About settings page.
Tablet mode no longer shows notification to select mode when detaching keyboard.
Microsoft Edge tabs now appears in Alt + Tab.

Get it while its hot:

Have not had an issue with it at all. Did a secure erase and fresh install.
Upgraded from 2004 a few days agoseems legit so far.

Only issue I have is my lock screen wallpaper still intermittently doesn't show up same issue as with 2004.
That's why I provided you with the link, you can download it at anytime.

I mean I ran the update using the tool in your link and it still said "can't update yet". Next step is to just re-install using the ISO.
I got it. Seems fine. I haven't had any issues with Windows in so long.. even Win8 was fine for me.
This build shouldnt really cause any issues, other than frustration at them slowly removing control panel. its a "tiny" update.