Windows 10 1803

Its not Intel, its Windows:

Got to Control Panel - Program And Features - Turn Windows Features On And Off

Look for SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharring Support and make sure it is installed.

Microsoft in Windows 7 and since Windows 10 1709 has removed the feature. They want to phase out NETBIOS and Homegroups and fore the OneCloud too handle all network features.... :bleh:

I found this out the hard way. Was not a fun weekend at the shop...

This was partially it for the Windows 10 Laptop but the wireless is still flakey, After about a half day of use it drops connection even though it is still connected and I have to go into device manager and change between a/b/g to a/b to get it to connect again, the second Laptop refuses a proper connection to the Domain, I pulled another older Intel Wifi card out of an old laptop and what do you know it now works. There's something wrong with the windows drivers and Intel wifi.
I thought my HTPC had updated 1809. It hadn't it rolled back to 1803 and reverted all my sata drivers to MS ones.
I was getting a lot of ahci port resets and hung boots and shutdowns.
Tried to update to AMD latest sata drivers to fix it but it just won't allow it.

An interesting little note... I always thought when the windows spinning circle stopped on boot,restart or shutdown your computer has hung.... but no if you wait 5 minutes it will continue. (probably waiting on a port reset)
So now MS has absolutely no diagnostic information during boot and shutdown and the only indicator you have is misleading.

Was sure the computer was going to need a reinstall... but on a whim I unplugged my sata BD drive.... now computer is a good as new(minus BD drive) but still stuck on 1803
Hopefully if ever get 1809 I will get my BD drive back

Though I must say the computer seemed to freak out when I installed logitech remote software to configure my remote, but i "think" it may have been a coincidence. But the failure of my other system with logitech gaming software is just a bit suspect.
So....what's going on with Windows 1809 October Update? Seems they still have not re-released this update, not even any news as to when they will.

Meanwhile as stated before I've been running since Day 1 on both my desktop and laptop and have experienced zero problems with this release....I know the main issues were files being deleted from documents, pictures, etc., and the zip archive bug.
Have 1809 on my work laptop and home desktop without issue, it did not work with a CAD program at work and I had to go back to 1803.
Most recent update forced me to pave and install. Then the activation thing pops up at random, click troubleshoot fixes it after running a dism.
Gays you boning that 1809 or wha? Don’t show up for me.
Fix yer **** gai.

Been running this shiz since the original october release no qualms.

If you're not worthy then force it by downloading the media creation tool and doing an in place upgrade.
Gays you boning that 1809 or wha? Don’t show up for me.

If it's not showing up for you, then just relax and wait. The telemetry is probably telling MS that something on your machine won't play nice with the update at the moment. It'll get to you in due time if you're not taking steps to actively block it.

I definitely wouldn't force the update on a daily driver, especially if you're not needing DXR for a 20-series card.
These major updates usually show up for me a month or two after their release for me. I still don't have it yet though.
Not joining the stupid race this time. Anyways got the 1809. Didn’t notice anything.
Total meltdown at work today and something with a dam windows 10 update, A good 7 to 8 Windows 10 PC's started going not responsive for everything that was called up! I expected to see something about it on the Web but saw nothing. So no clue what the hell is really going on. Restores seems to partially fix the issues, but dont really care for them, Failed on one Laptop after 3 attempts, gave up, rebooted and the dam thing started working correctly again. Cant say I've ever experienced this kind oddity with any Windows before, And its not like it was every Windows 10 PC. Stinking Microsoft!