Winamp5, WinTV and DScaler


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Hi all...

sorry it took me so miserably long for all this stuff. This past month has been crazy.
I actually didn't get alot of stuff done that people had asked for. I had to drop stuff since i wanted to get the winamp5 plugin out, but so you don't kill the messenger i have other presents for you too!

Winamp5 - for winamp5 only! not alot of new stuff in it that was in the old plugin, it is smaller and i compiled it for speed, so it should run faster.

WinTV - brand new! This is a little different than the one already on remotew's website, it'll work when in full screen mode too. Very small, also optomized for speed.

DScaler - brand new! A very basic plugin for dscaler. Not quite done yet... it WILL be done on wednesday.

I have sent the winamp and wintv plugins to remotew. I'll be sending the dscaler on wednesday night. The source code isn't included in the files i sent remotew, i just wanted to get the plugin's out. It'll be added later along with any of the options that people have talked to me about.

Ok, i sent off the DScaler plugin to remotew last night. I haven't heard back from him and his site hasn't been updated in a few days, hopefully soon.

Thanks, can't wait for it. If you don't mind including the source as well, that would be very useful for people like me who don't know much about programming but would like to try to write plugins.
Thanks for the plugin .. works realy well with DSCALER :D

It would be great if you could add teletext control to the plugin.

Keyboard 'T' asigned to the the button to the left of zero on the remote and Keyboard F5 , F6 , F7 ,F8 and F9 assigned to C ,D ,E .F and tick button (right of zero) on the remote .

Thanks again great plugin