Winamp2plugin help PLEASE :)


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Ok, I downloaded the ammo thing and some use it was to me- NOT. Sorry but I am not a C programmer and don't want to be to be able to make my Winamp 2.8 work with my ATI remote. I even went as far as to install Visual C++ and compile the file called C and it made some other files...

I opened my remote wonder software and went to plugins tab and tried every file in the ammo directory including the ones i made by 'compiling' and they were all 'not valid plugin'.
So I searched half a day on Google for something that seemed intuitive like "ATI remote wonder winamp plugin" and got nothing.

So what gives? Is this either:
A. A poorly supported hardware device.
B. Made only for C programmers to use remote control.
C. Just useless with winamp (geez i just want a few buttons to work like PLAY)
D. Am I just too picky wanting my play button to work?
E. Or am I just missing something totally obvious that the non-technical 'mom and pops' of this world have been able to find to make their remote work?

Yes I am obviously frustrated after wasting a full day all toghether looking for what should be the most comon easy to find solution for the most common mp3 player.

Any assistance at this point much appreciated.
ok... let's start at the beginning.

you've got the remote software 1.2 installed and it starts when the computer boots up... right?

when you run the shortcut for the remote software you get the little config window with the plugin's tab.

in that window it'll tell you all the plugins that the software knows about and if they are enabled they'll have a little check next to them.

if that stuff is all in order then you have 2 choices... you can use ati's winamp plugin or mine. doesn't matter which one you want to use they both do basically the same thing. mine will control winamp3(minimally) in addition to winamp 2.x

mine can be found over at remotew's site
there's lots of good stuff over there too, check it out.

let me know if everything is running and installed correctly, cuz it shouldn't be as bad as what you went through today

there's also a bunch of other threads in this forum that talk about setting up the remote and winamp. if you need anything, i'll try and help as much as i can. i'll be around...
Thanks for your response.
I downloaded from your website.
Unfortunately I get the same error:
When I go to plugins/import then select winamp.dll, and say Open, it says:

'The specified file is not a valid plugin'

Jimmony Christmas this ATI stuff is always a nightmare!!!

Nvidia was always sooo easy, just click the right option in the UI, uh did I say UI oh yea UI duh, guess ATI didn't think of us non-programmer people who just want to use the darn thing.

Well thanks for your try anyway I do appreciate the effort,
JollyLlama said:

'The specified file is not a valid plugin'

did you unload the other winamp plugin before you tried importing the new one? you have to completely remove it from that "Plugins" screen before the new one will be imported correctly.
So far I have not been able to load ANY plugin, so the plugin screen is still empty...

The Winamp plugin sample that came with the was a collection of files and of course they did not tell you which one to use...
So I tried to import each one but none of them worked.
ok, i'm gonna ask you to do this the hard way.

Remove the remote software completely and reinstall it... since no plugins are loading something must have gotten screwed during install. install the remote 1.1 software and the 1.2 software right on top of it.
then after a reboot, check the plugin screen and see if anything loads. the winamp and powerpoint plugins should automatically be loaded.

all plugins are .dll files so importing something else should give you that "not a valid plugin" message.