WinAmp 2.x plug in problem


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When import the dll I got the message " the specified file is not a valid plugin". What's wrong ?? Please help. Thanks
is it my version of the plugin or the version that ati released, that's causing you problems?
To Nidan

To Nidan

Thank you for the reply, I have problem with your version of plugin. The one come with the remote is already loaded when I install the software. I just rename the old dll and load your plugin. One question just popped up in my mind: should I remove the old winamp plugin before I install yours. I am at work cannot be able to try it yet. Thanks
yeah you gotta remove the plugin from the software before you rename it, and then import mine.
that might be causing the problem.

the message that is popping up for you is really vague, i've never seen any other error messages but that one, so it's probably the universal "something is screwed" message.
You are right, after remove ATI plugin, I can install yous without any problem. Thanks for the nice improve plugin.