Win2k, Radeon, Samsung SM753df HELP!!


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Hi. I so want to stick with win2k........

Heres my problem with it.
win98se, if I leave the computer alone for 15 or so min the monitor shuts off. great thats what I want.

I install win2k. no more monitor shutting off.

infact, I can't even put my monitor drivers in. win2k errors out or something.

I cant even change the monitor from 'default monitor' it disables the button.

I've tryed everything. bios do the Power management (doesntwork)

the only way to shut the monitor off is to suspend the computer. but then my icq and FTP shut down too...

There must be a way around this.

I have the following hardware..

t-bird 1200, abit kt7a raid, Samsung Sync Master 753DF 17" flat
Radeon vid card..

I've even tryed installing the monitor software drivers before I install the vid card drivers.
no go.
Hm.. I am totally stumped on that one.

I know this may sound stupid, but are you sure that the monitor drivers you are trying to install are Windows 2000 specific? You might wanna head on over to Samsungs website and see if they have any updated Windows 2000 drivers.

Also, you might wanna try and upgrade to Service Pack 2... it is a 100MB ish download but I think it fixes zillions of problems.

Other than that, I am stumped. Anyone else know?