Win 10 Bitlocker


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So I had a VPN user take it on them self to update their VPN assigned laptop them self. Now the laptop is asking for the Bitlocker key. The is normally not the end of the world as I have all the keys in the network folder which is backed up into the corp cloud.

But get this 2 of the keys are missing and this is one of them so I contact the backup service and ask them to reconstitute it fro the backup and give them the date and time and they say that would place it between backups. :evil:

So as we have crap systems that are due to be replaced this year we run large windows on the backups so they do not overly slow the network to a crawl. But now I pay the price!!

Anyway long story longer I need a way to hack into the Bitlocker locked laptop. Any ideas?:confused:

The laptop is not even 2 weeks old yet. Grrr

I love users that violate policy and run things on their own.
The owner of the company I work for, his daughter has a GEN1 Surface that she enabled bitlocker on. Can't remember her code and it won't boot in to Windows. Problem is you can't run the recovery without it.

He asked me to fix it, so I propped it up against his office door and walked away.

Replace the SSD/HDD and you are good.
There is no way to get around it. You will need to blast away the OS to get it reset now if you don't have the keys.