Why isn't there a RealMedia Player Plugin for RW?


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Why isn't there a RealMedia Player Plugin for Remote Wonder?

Many .rm can only be played in RealMedia Player...
maybe not much of a need... realplayer isn't near the top of the list i suppose. I think there is something in the Ammo plugins though... there is this french site... i think it's a sticky.... check there.
Anyways it shouldn't be hard to create one if there are others that have been created for so many other apps.


My workaround for the RealMedia problem is to to get RealAlternative(search on Google for a d/l site) on your system. I only use it to watch .rm and streaming files and it comes with Media Player Classic (which has a plug-in). It allows you to watch .rm and streaming RealMedia without installing the Real(horrible)One Player. Hope this helps.