why is this not working (MW2 rage edition on rage mobility chip)


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I was really hoping to fire up Mechwarrior 2 and have a nice classic gaming romp. I have the win 95 ati rage edition, so my only hope was an old laptop I have which uses the rage mobility chip and windows 98 se.

The game loads up fine... intro, menus, loading screens... and the game itself loads... but except for the HUD everything is black... no models show up. If I try to move the corsshairs it doesn't 'clear' the old crosshairs positions, so instead of moving across the screen it 'draws' countless crosshairs. Turning off textures fixed this problem, but then instead of Black everything was Green.

The HUD responds normally however, so when I fire weapons it responds accordingly. Sound works fine. But 3d models aren't being drawn nor are textures.

I don't get why this isn't working since it is a rage mobility chip (rage mobility M i believe), based off the rage lt pro, and according to this http://www.geocities.com/k_lupinsky/index.htm it should be compatible.

What gives? Any help GREATLY appreciated.