Which latest ATI Graphic Cards still have Theater modes available?



I recently upgraded my PC, built a new one, probably not necessary but I will add the spec below:

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LX
Processor: INTEL Core i5 2500K 3.3Ghz (Quad-Core)
RAM: 4x4GB Corsair DDR3
PSU: Corsair GS800
Others: 4x 2TB HDD, 2x DVDRW/Blu-Ray etc
NO GRAPHICS CARD: Using Builtin "Intel HD Graphics 3000"
Windows XP 64bits / Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (multi boot)

Here's what I need, I had an old ATI Graphic Card Radeon X1300/X1500 (busted now) series card installed in my old pc, which would allow me to plug my TV with DVI-I & I could use my 23" Monitor through VGA cable in extended monitor. (& screen not referring to Cloning)

However the Intel 3000 Graphic Card (GC) I am using lags alot when I play HD movies, but more importantly it doesn't allow me to use my TV output as Theater Mode.

Theater Mode: Where you play movie or video on small screen window on your primary monitor while it plays full screen on secondary screen. in ATI Cards its called Theater Mode while in Nvidia its called "Video Mirroring".

Problem is New ATI or Nvidia Cards don't come with these feature anymore, I have Redeon 6790 card available but it doesn't have Theater Mode feature available, I have done 3 days worth of research so Nvidia stop the Video Mirroring feature by GForce 76xx series & ATI sort of ended by 4xxx Redeon. (I Believe)

I need help finding a fast enough card that still provides Theater Mode (in 64 xp OR win 7) it can't be too old cause I do alot of Photoshop + HD Movies.

I tried using softwares like Ultra-Mon, Fusion Display & Secondary Display Video Player etc
tweaked all the settings with Video Overlay etc.
concluded that Intel HD Graphics series is biggest pieces of dog poo cards ever built.

So please advise me which card to get which is old but fast enough & have Theater Mode or Video Mirroring feature.. (price range isn't issue nor manufacturer) however I do need to work on 64 bit to get full speed of both my processor & ram.

You'd need a HD 4000 series card, like a 4800 series but really you should look into media players that offer theater functionality like MPC-HC, Cyberlink PowerDVD - i.e. they can play their video output fullscreen on an additional display. Then you wouldn't be dependent on hardware/drivers to do it, so you can buy the card that works best for your apps.
Hi. I have an ATI HD 3450 with 512MB and works with the wonderful Theatre Mode, but only in Windows XP. I have the same multiboot you have.

Recently I bought a nVidia GT620 with 2GB and I hate it, just because of theatre mode. It's a real shame. And I don't want to use it, but I kind of need a "bigger" video card.

Have you figured out some kind of solution?