Which card maker has the best support?


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So after interacting with Sapphire support over a finicky 5600, I noticed
that the only thing they suggested is that i try the card in another system or talk
to the game developer...

Left me quite disappointment.

Does anyone have good support nowadays?

On a side note, is there a way to have Direct X in debug mode so a crash will
generate actual information somewhere?
for AMD ?

this time i think as they are all reference cards at first ( or we would know everything from all the many leaks from the AIB's :lol: )

so they are made by Sapphire and they may have a non reference like they did with fury long before the others
aftermarket will be normally 2 to 3 months after the reference cards with AMD

for aftermarket i mostly go for the Asus Strix for both NV & AMD had only two RMA's from Asus both went well and they sent a new card fast
if i get a NV card this time i may go with EVGA
I recently dealt with MSI for my brokedick Vega 64. They said to RMA, and I got a check after a 2nd RMA, 100 days after I initially sent it to them. No feedback on the issue, except they "don't have the parts" to fix it.

Haven't dealt with Sapphire support, but considering this is my fourth card with their brand that has operated perfectly, I don't know if I ever will.
I think the issue is it's actually fairly uncommon to have to RMA a graphics card. Most of my RMAs have been for motherboards, or more recently CPUs (usually the CPU was screwed up by the faulty motherboard). People swear by Sapphire, but I can't say I've ever dealt with their CS. I did have a PowerColor Radeon 7850 that ended up dying just before warranty and I sent it in and they returned a Radeon 285. That was pretty much hassle free. But that was a clear situation where the card was dead, so I don't know how they'd do in a different situation.

As far as I can recall that's the only dead GPU I've had going back to my original ATi Radeon 64 DDR, which I actually killed by pushing the OC too far, but I still successfully RMA'd it. (GPUs have come a long way since then, it's very difficult to actually kill one from OCing anymore.) Actually I think I may have had problems with another early Radeon (maybe a 9700?) which I don't think was my fault.

For Nvidia the clear answer is EVGA but they don't make AMD cards. In terms of general RMA experiences, I've never had a problem with Asus, MSI or Gigabyte when I dealt with them.
I haven't had to rma a card for a long time. XFX I had to rma for a bad fan on my 390x, they sent me a whole new fan assembly, no cost to me. I just had to switch them out when I got the new one. Didn't even have to send the old one back. Had to RMA many years ago with a Sapphire card. Didn't have any issues then, but that was over a decade ago.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I actually never had to RMA anything.
I am also a long time Sapphire customer.
However the questions the guy asked seemed
like reflecting instead of trying to help...

The 5600 Pulse has average reviews so doing some research
which I should have done, points me to a TUF 5600 from Asus
(version 3) that has stellar reviews everywhere.
So wish me luck :)
Ive only done ever 4 rmas and 2 were crap and 2 great. One intel and one amd were great but the gainward and xfx ones were crap...