When TV source is changed, monitors go black for a sec


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Recently I got a R9 290x for a setup with triple 21" monitors and TV. The triples are setup in Eyefinity and the TV is just on the side separate.

Disabling the TV with the CCC when I don't need it would work for what I need, but I don't want to go that route. The problem is, I'll be playing a game then someone will change the TV source (from the PC source to the Xbox or the cable box) and the monitors go blank for just a sec while the video card switches off the TV desktop.

Is there a way to keep the extra desktop on all the time or a quick way to enable and disable the TV? Before the 290x, my 960 didn't have this problem, the extra desktop was just always there. You could just switch sources all day long and not notice anything on the monitors.

Bonus question: is there a way to make things like the web browser go full screen on just one of the monitors and not span all 3? Right now I just manually stretch the windowed application to the size of the middle monitor I use Chrome for a browser, it'd be nice if Youtube was on just one screen and some other applications too.
Use an HDMI switch to the TV and switch off when you dont want to have it in use.

Makes it easier than needing to disable in CCC too
So there's no setting I'm missing in the CCC? ugh, ok, I guess a switch it is. Thanks for the reply