Whats your HT rig?... (pics please)

No kids here. Those Marvel comics book tins on the wall are mine. :lol:

I wouldn't be able to use a good home theater system. I'm guessing a 2.1 with some bookshelves is about as good as I'd need. Or maybe a soundbar though I feel like saying that out loud is likely to upset people. I just don't know where I'd put a receiver for a 2.1 system and still keep things clean like it is now. It's a house, but neighbors aren't far away so I don't usually turn it up too loud.

id try and spring for a 5.1 setup, dont they make wireless satellites?


that be my mancave

sony x900f tv
yamaha vx-985 atmos receiver
paradigm center
onkyo sub
vega fronts
energy rears
and whatever those 4 are for the rest of the atmos setup
Holy **** that center channel is huge.

yup its a big boys sound bar. Think it weighs 50 odd pounds too but worth every nickel. Sound quality is phenomenal and believe it or not its over a decade old now. Good audio equipment might last a lifetime
I don't think I've ever posted in this sub forum even though I'm pretty big into home theater.

So here is my setup from the front.

Here is a side shot.

The room I'm using is about 15 x 20 with a vaulted ceiling that goes from 8
feet to 12 feet high.

There is really only two good seats in the room for watching movies but 4 of them are serviceable. I have 6 seats in total as the couch wraps around the left side of the room but the two left side seats are more for conversation rather than watching movies.

My gear:
LG CX 77 inch OLED/HDR/Dolby Vision
1x Klipsch Reference Premier 504C center channel
6x Klipsch Reference Premier 8000F Towers
4x Klipsch Reference Premier 140 Height channels
2x Power Sound Audio TV18 1200watt 18 inch low tuned subs
11 channel Denon X6300H Receiver with Atmos and DTS X

My PC is my main source of gaming and 3D art projects that I work on and it's a permanent part of my home theater.

PC Gear:
I9 9900K 5Ghz all core OC
32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 4000Mhz C16 DDR4 RAM
EVGA 1600 watt Supernova T2 power supply
Samsung EVO 2TB NVME
Samsung Pro 512GB NVME
2x 4TB external HDD's.
Rayzer Black Widow keyboard and Rayzer Momba mouse
Hopefully an Nvidia 3090GPU to replace my triple SLI setup in a few weeks.:bleh:
I tore down my custom cooling loop and replaced it with a Corsair AIO H115 for CPU. With a single GPU I plan to go back to air cooling for the graphics card which is a godsend. I'm so tired of messing with waterblocks and coolant. My PC should look very simplistic and clean compared to the picture here.
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