What's the last thing you Crafted?

So I've been in this house since last Oct. There were a handful of network cables in the walls, but I had to add a few more to go to additional places. All the network cables, both ethernet and coax, come together at the top of my attic. Oh yeah, and all the network cable ends were bare... like they didn't have any ends on them. So I crimped RJ45s onto them and connected them into a switch in my attic.

Problem is, network equipment is only rated to go up to 113 F, and my house is in TX. So running my network junctions in the attic was never going to be a permanent solution. I'd been thinking about this for months. Actually for awhile I was leaning toward putting a mini-fridge up in the attic and running the network equipment inside that... but I was concerned about moisture building up, so I decided to go with a more conventional solution.

After studying over the construction of the house for the last 6 months, I decided the best course was to extend all of the network cables from the attic down into the upstairs hallway and install a network junction there.












I over-built the junction quite a bit. I'm currently using 5 ethernet lines, so I ran 12. Similarly, I'm using 1 coax line, so I ran 6. This way I can add additional lines easily... if I can get it into the attic, I can get it to the junction in my hallway.
My AirTV over-the-air box w/ DVR was dying. Fan sounded attrocious, was garbling alot og the decoding, etc. The decoding I attributed to the antenna, but it wasn't working well. Fan clearly giving out, so I got a small quiet fan from an old compuiter build, wired it for 5v USB, took it out of the AirTV case and remounted it inside a really nice Joy stick controller box that had been too nice to get rid of.

Cut away a mounting location for the fan, an exhaust port that I covered with a 5 1/4" drive bay grate and screwed it into the sides.


Cut away the top and realized it wasn't going to fit as well as I'd hoped, so built up a shroud to deflect all of the air into the box.


Spray painted it, waxed it, and ran all the cables in.


Fan runs all the time now but silently, and the air coming out of the front vent stays cool. Gadget Saved!