what the hell is this?


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Ok every time I boost my computer I get a little message in dos saying it found a error or enty(In either the Reg or system ini. I already know it's in the reg not the ini) called CMMON.VXD that seems to have no purpose what so ever

It then tells me to hit any key to conitue

Any way the problem is windows does not ALWAYs boot it freeze 80% of the time the the win98logo screen and I think it's because of this CMMON.VXD all I want to know is it safe to delete that reg key?
use the reg find opion and look for CMMON.VXD it will find it then press find next and you fin the same "CMMON.VXD" thing in another key
Thx for all your help it seems it was a driver problem with my sound card?! Any way I installed tha last Vortex2 ref drivers and it fixed all my problems beats me as to why(Never had a problem with TurtleBeach's drivers befor oh well now I got EAX support hehehehe)