What programming language to learn?

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I know TI-Basic, I am a master at that, but I do not know anything else. I will be learing Java soon, so I don't need to know that. Should I learn C then C++? I heard that learning C++ without knowing C is a real biznitch, do you guys know any free tutorials? What should I pick? Know any good free compilers?
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I learned C before learning C++, and I'm glad I did. It's good to be able to write plain C code without the extra C++ fluff. I used an excellent tutorial to learn C/C++, but that was many moons ago, and I think the site has since bitten the dust.

Gnu's gcc compiler (www.gnu.org) is the best cross-platform C compiler out there, and is used especially in the Linux world.
Thanks alot!

So I guess C is the way to go. C has been around for a long time, I wish I learned it in 88 so I could have been a programmer.

I really know very little about compilers, is this a windows based program? What is it?
I don't know how familiar you are with compilers, but here's a quick overview. A compiler is a normal program, like any other. GCC, for example, is available for Linux, Windows, and other operating systems. The compiler runs through the source code you create, and turns it into computer-readable machine code. It's basically just a translator, or a parser. This page lists the different versions of GCC for different platforms (i.e. Linux, Windows, etc.).
Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. I guess I am on my way to knowing C. I got a tutorial, and it said you don't need a compiler, then it told me to do ---- and I thought, Hey! It said I don't need a compiler. I think it's a fishy tutorial, but hey at least I'm learning C.

Thanks again.
Well, technically, I guess you don't need a compiler to just write the code. However, if you want to actually be able to run your code, you will need a compiler. :)

May I ask what tutorial you are using?
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Thats who it's from. :)
Coronado? That's what I used! They're still around? I thought they had shutdown. Although I know the copy I used was made before 2001..

If that tutorial is still roughly the same as it was last time I used it, you should have a solid background in C by the time you finish with it.
Sorry to say this, but tutorial's only free for a lite version. Oh well...I already have a book on C anyway. :)
It will only make c++ harder to learn beacuse you must forget alot of stuff that you learned on c. C++ is not just an upgrade to c with new features its almost a whole different language. So if you learn c before c++ dont tell me that I didnt warn you... :bleh:
If you dont have any problem with having a hard time learning c++ later then go with it. But trust me there is no point in learning c if you only want to know about c++
C++ can be used as a superset of C, if you dont want to know all about OOP (object oriented programming)....

I would learn C++, and also get yourself a good book on architecture....it can never hurt to know how your system works...
I quite enjoy learning Assembly Language - it's not that hard really..

So...basically C++ ,Java, Assembly, and a scripting language (I like Perl!)
When you learn C++ , you learn a lot of c in the same time. It will be faster to learn c++ and POO than learn c , than learn the diff between c++ and c.

The transition between c++ to c is more easier than c to c++.
I learned C++ before ANSI C, it's easier that way I guess.
I also know Java, Object Pascal and a little JavaScript. I think C++ is the hardest language to learn.
I still like to play around with Pascal sometimes, especially Borland Delphi, it's so nice to build a nice applications in a few hours.