What?! No Fold thread?


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Out in the USA now for $2k

Were this @ $1K, I'd be all over it.

As-is, 2K is a tough pill to swallow especially on 1st gen tech.
I think that's an user error.:bleh: Samsung should have started with a foldable tablet than a phone. I think it would be more useful plus the display would look better without the notch.

The company also warns against placing objects like keys on the handset before folding it and exposing it to water or dust.


well don't ship any to Arizona

User JerryRigEverything was not impressed after he found he could scratch the gadget's soft screen with his fingernail.

He said: "The Galaxy Fold has a screen hardness comparable to Play Doh, soggy bread or a $2000 stick of chewing gum.

I give it a month before they pull it again
maybe wait for the Fold 5