What is a good stereo receiver to get?


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Been out of stereo scene for a long time.

Lightening took out my old Pioneer VSXD308.

Insurance is willing to pay for similar in today's market, whatever that means.

I have a Pioneer 25 disc CD player and sub woofer that will mate with the new receiver.

Everything seems to be 5.1 or better?
Will 5.1 power only 2 speakers and a sub properly?
Do any receivers come with internal memory to store say 100 CDs worth of .mp3's?
The question is what insurance considers "equivalent in today's market". Would that be considered an entry level 5.1 receiver today? If so that puts you in the $150-200 range which I imagine is less than your deductible.

If you need a sub-out you will be looking at home theater receivers; I don't know of any lower end 2-channel receivers that include one.

EDIT: Pioneer's website says msrp on the VSX-D308 was $245. The current Pioneer in that price bracket is the VSX-531, which has sub-out and exceeds all the specs on your old unit.

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