What if???


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If ATI bought ought 3dfx does anyone else think that maybe the next ati card (not radeon 2, radeon 3 maybe?) could have glide support? An interesting possibility.

Not only that..they would have the Giga Pixel technology :D I only wish.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ATI Technologies\Driver\0000\atidxhal]

would be nice to have glide, but logically, software companies wont be developing glide games any more (hopefully, I may be assuming they know what they're doing).
I don't think ATi has the working capital to scoop up 3dfx at this point. If anyone could, it would be nVidia. You wouldn't believe the amount of CA$H they have. Find an online prospectus and look at their working capital for 99.
If 3dfx wins punitive damages for patent infringement, they would have enough cash to pay for any takeover.

It's an old corporate raiding technique.
check out thier market cap though, its like 4 times that of ATi and 3dfx is about 1/10 of ATi, sure you cant easily convert that into cash but overall their equity on the whole is alot less.
Hmm... 3dfx being bought out... has a nice ring to it.
Finally all those "my voodoo 5billion with 16 dozen processors and 9 gagillion watts of power consumption can beat your radeon by 2fps in 16 bit colour! I am the king! I am the king!" click...... bang! SPLAT! As a company 3dfx hasn't a clue... they used to be the big guy, but now they can't figure out why it stinks when they forget to wipe their asses. As a graphics chip developer, well, they're a little better off.