What htpc software do you use?


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So I'm surfing around looking to download a good htpc software that can be controlled by an android phone. I've looked at xmbc which seems like the only one available. Which ones do you use?
XBMC and Plex is all I use.

XBMC has remote control and I believe Plex does as well.

For LAN playing of media, I use XBMC. I use Plex for remote streaming, either through the browser or the app. If I don't want to use the computer, it works with Chromecast as well.

Plex makes a version of XBMC with a different layout, but I've never used it. I'm sure it's great, but XBMC suits my needs fine.
I use Windows Media Center with a MCE remote on 2 machines in my house. Can't recommend anything that you can control with an Android phone.