What do you think is the memory of the future?

I think Sram would be nice as the default mem type in pc's, just think of the speed.

OTOH, IBM recently demonstrated a holographic data storage system. lots of layers of 1024x1024 pixels = lots of MBs can't remember the specifics (I was semi-sleeping during the opto-electronics lecture). Just like star trek. :)
Embedded :)
bandwidth on those things are just CRAZY.... but so's the price :(
Wouldn't anyone just love to have a solidstate harddrive? :)
SRAM--- Too expensive. Too small.

Holographic Data Storage System--- They've been talking about that for years, and meanwhile IDE drives keep getting larger and faster.

Embedded DRAM--- Faster, but too small. Only 8MBs on die? Actually it is pretty cheap to make. Check out Micron's initiative.

Solid State HDDs--- WAY too expensive.