What do people think about the Avivo DVD scaling quality?


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I'm finding I liked the 800xt AIW's quality much better on DVDs than the 3850 agp is pulling off in the line doubling/upsampling department. Anyone else?

You might try looking over at the avs forums for HTPCs - look for the ATI owners thread. Long story short, there are a lot of Avivo controls & setting them in CCC may/may not work as intended, so there's various reg keys & a VB script to set them. There's also some bugs, depending on the card. Your installed decoders & software used for playback can also have an effect. My personal experience is that if I leave everything alone, playback was nicer on my old AIW - if I set things up (what I think is properly :D) then it's better than the AIW.
Glad I'm not the only one..

Glad I'm not the only one..

Thanks for the tips. Haven't looked over there but I definitely thought DVDs and the like looked a LOT nicer on my X800XL than on my 4850-- the 4850 looks to be doing a LOT of post-processing/noise reduction/etc that is causing everything to look a bit washed out and/or overly processed. (but games/etc look fine on the 4850 so it's something with video overlay/Avivo settings, not the card itself) I was going to post about this very issue over the weekend after I tried a few more things...