What client options do you use?


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These are what I have in the Extra Client Options in Configure>Expert tab.
open-web-control true
Default setting everyone has unless edited/deleted

pause-on-start true
I don't run FAH as a service and don't want it downloading anything until I'm ready.

log-rotate-max 99
Makes going through the logs a bit more manageable

config-rotate-max 99
Same as above

next-unit-percentage 100
My connections fast enough I'd rather not start the clock on the next wu while I'm still folding the old one. moar points. :p

client-type advanced
This will pick up those wu's considered late beta. Recommended use for relatively stable machines. Can help when regular wu's are in short supply.
1: Web control enabled of course
2: I let it keep going as much as it can. No rest for the weary.
3: Don't care about logs yet but I'll keep it in mind that they can be limited.
4: Same as above - whatever is default is what I use.
5: I think the 3 minutes that I lose in bonus points will add up to an equal amount of points over the course of time in zero points during download time, especially when there's no WU available so often. I suppose it's more of an issue when the TPF is 7+ minutes or so :p
6: This one interests me greatly. It's noted that a stable system is needed - I might use my GTX 1060/Core i7 laptop for this. That thing hasn't ever crashed. Wife is using it right now to prepare for a week of Zoom conferences so can't fold. :mad:
1. Web Control enabled on open ( If I could get this to stay off I would)
2. Don't pause on start
3-5. I leave at default for much the same reasons as Crawdaddy79
6. I have my client-type as beta (it was the only way I could get my NAVI GPUs folding at first) my builds have been stable since I quit tweaking them every other day. I would suggest almost everyone use advanced over beta.