Web database


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Im trying to create a database that is small in size, can have a set layout and updated VERY (stressing very here)easy to update.

What sort of programs could I use to create such a thing? Ive used programs such as dreamweaver however, I was kindof hoping for some sort way of updating it online so that it was just updating a sheet, or even better a way of doing it so that a copy the database can be updated both online and on the computer they were worked on, such as in an excel spreadsheet or something (if you see what I mean?)

Sorry if this doesnt make much sense lol I know what I mean,

it's easy you put your database online and you create with for example Macromedia HomeSite or MS InterDev an ASP website. That website should then have the functions to manipulate your database.

So basicly the ASP is an interface for controlling the database...

At least if that is what you want.
Can you guys expand a little on how to do it, or point to some links with tutorials on. Im a newbie that this kind of thing, but need to learn very quickly