Waveform (Tracktion8) released for music creators


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I'm a complete amateur electronic musician (hobby - and, yes, i was even so bold as to create a Soundcloud page months ago). Years ago I'd learned Cubase, and also what was then known as Cakewalk, well enough to use it to make music. Then I used Tracktion 2 or 3 and I never looked back because it was SO much more intuitive than anything else in terms of workflow. As a UX Designer, I also appreciate the focus on workflow and the overall goal of making it was easy as possible and to allow the user to progressively delve deeper into the more powerful functions.

As a fan of the software, I encourage people to try the old, free full version (Tracktion 5) and/or the demo of the new version (which includes a more traditional mixer view now... plus can work on Raspberry Pi). They did bump the price up to $99 for new customers but the software is more functional and flexible than it used to be, including a sampler, and, in my mind, is worth every penny if you enjoy making music or are thinking of getting started.

It's also a small, independent, local (not far from Seattle) company, so that's just a bonus for me!

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