Was the media wrong?

A well-written article there at avault. "I knew it all along" - succinct indeed. Having some in-depth knowledge of developmental psychology (M.S. in Experimental Psych, among other things), all I can say is "duh". Heh.

Children are very impressionable - the younger they are the more impressionable they are (think learning how to speak a language). They learn by example, and the strongest examples come from the parent(s) and family and then friends and so on. Long-term exposure to graphic violence, real or fantasy (e.g., tv, games, etc.), will undoubtedly have an effect on the developing child. What effect, the extent of that effect, etc. is still rather unknown and likely differs from individual to individual.

Our society needs to stop attributing blame to others for our own mistakes in raising our children (not a parent yet myself, but someday). It's just so much easier to blame the "media" or the "games" or the "music" than it is to own up to the awesome responsibility that is raising a child.

Might have to find me a copy of that report....
I am sick of that Sh*t...When I was a kid a was told the difference between right & wrong..This crap is parents passing the buck cause they didn't teach there kids values..Why should hollywood be in charge of teaching your kids..It's the parents job..I live in a neighborhood where there are alot of yuppies..(rich people)And I see it all the time..The kids are mostly raised by nannies & other family members cause the parents are to busy working & having there own social life..And these kids are headcases..Screaming and hitting there parents & family..Doing drugs..committing suicide..If the parents just took some time(Like mine did) and explained the way of the world..(right & wrong..Real & fake) then we would not have this problem...
I personnally like seeing violent films & games cause it takes me outta reality for a little while..And I also know it's something I shouldn't do..I mean WTF..Do they want to make every movie like The Piano or Cider house rules(Bore fests)..If they had there way we all would be watching Lifetime(Cable channel 4 women) 24/7...It's quite sicking
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What does the rage3d community think? Do violent games contribute to violent behaviour?
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