VR Ready - Per Steam's VR Performance Test

Dyre Straits

New member
I had a first gen Titan and that test said I was only VR capable. I was going to wait for Pascal but said **** it and upgraded to 980ti. Now the test is maxed out VR ready with no dips. :drool:

I've waited too long for VR since I was 13. Should be awesome.

I'd take a screeny but I've just taken a job as a long haul trucker working team and I'm like never home or not moving. 1 year contract too since they trained me. :cry:
I'm home now for a couple days so... ;)

Looks like the 980ti really is a beast.
fyi, on the vive reddit that test only test the gpu and not the cpu, some people were still having issue with 980ti, maybe not an issue with occulus though.