Volume/Audigy/Remote Wonder Query


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I have the AIW 8500 and a Creative Labs Audigy. Now, the time-shifting issue really doesn't botther me since I rarely use that feature, and the volume issue really didn't bother me since I have a master volume controler sitting next to my keyboard.
However, not I enjoy sitting on the couch in the back of my room watching to on the computer and using the remote to switch channels. My question, would it be possible for one of the coders to come up with a way for the Remote Wonder to control the Master Volume when controlling MMC's TV program? That way I wouldn't have to get my lazy ass :evil: off the couch every time I wanted to change the volume.
If not, that's cool too. Let me know.:D
Try this... volume.zip I think you'll need 2000/XP for this to work though since I took the easy way and just stuffed VK_VOLUME_* keys - the same ones used by keyboards w/ volume controls.
Wow! That works seamlessly! Thanks so much! And thanks for being so damn quick!!! Very impressive.