Visual Studio 2008 editions


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Microsoft must have a link somewhere that lists all the new versions and what you get with each. I've been poking around the VStudio web site and can't find such a page. Has anyone found one?

Unless you're doing enterprise level projects just stick to the standard (I think it's called PRO) edition.
Thanks MonkeyDust. I was hoping they had the same type of page for 2008. It is probably safe to assume they are very similar. If that is the case, it still looks like Professional is the best alternative for me because it comes with SQL Server 2005 Developer edition. Those team editions look great. But the price is so OMGWTF!!!

2008 is not looking like as big a jump in as many cool new language features as 2005 was. The LINQ stuff is nice and easy. But, if you already are a T-SQL expert I am not sure why you would want to switch over. The OR Designer is better in many ways to TableAdapters and typed-DataSets. But, I don't like being forced into their vision of what a business object should be. We'll see, it takes me a while to absorb these things...

Also, IMO they are getting away from some of the benefits of strong typing and readability with features such as Lambda Functions, Anonymous Types, Partial Methods and such.
Yeah, they'll probably eventually have a page for 2008; just not yet.

We are switching to Team Suite this go round. I'm running Team Suite 2008 Developer + TFS Team Explorer add-on. I'll be spending some time this holiday trying to create a custom template for my group to use.

I messed around with LINQ last weekend. Did a few things with SQL server and then tried to apply what I learned to our Oracle database. That's when I found out that LINQ does not support Oracle. So, scratch that. Plus, I really don't think LINQ (via SQL) really adds that much to a preexisting application. I'm more apt to go with tried and true technologies that are proven when it comes to performance. With the amount of traffic my app has, performance has always got to be my number one design goal.

But, I will definitely be trying out some more technologies in the coming weeks that were introduced with .NET 3.5 and VS2008.
Anyhow, improved intellisense is always a good thing. Afaik it's still a little buggy here and there, but its a lot better now. Atleast thats what the PR people told us in a seminar :P
Intellisense is such a MUST have feature these days. It's hard to imagine having to program without it. VB is now using the same great stuff that got introduced in C# with 2005. It's all good now!