Visual Studio 2005 - Web Testing


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Does anyone know a good resource for talking you through real world usage of the tool? (i.e. not MSDN :bleh: )

A couple of hurdles that I've bumped into quickly

Manual code integration

I can record my web tests but those tests alone are far too naive to be useful, basically I need to be able to micro-manage more. I do the obvious thing and 'Generate Code' and I get a simple little bit of test code. I wrap it in some path/walkthrough logic and everythings peachy. So far, quite similar to Application Center Test. With one problem. How the hell do I run it?? My new code hasn't seemed to modify the web test it was created from so I'm assuming the code it created was a 'code-based copy' rather than a view into the tests own nuts & bolts, yet it doesn't look like I'm given any way to integrate my new test code into one of the standard test harnesses.

Storage of results

The results creation of teh new system is absolutely cracking. Head and shoulders above ACT, yet I can't see any way to store the results. As far as I can gather it should just be a blanket set of Windows Performance Monitor counter logs yet the only hint I get is some vague message that they should be saved to an SQLServer somewhere. Though even if I manage to hook it up into SQLServer, how am I supposed to report on it? Create my own data interface & reporting tool? :hmm:

Any help is appreciated. :heart: