Visual Studio 2005 Team Editions


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Anyone actually using these? The license fees seem insane. Do you think it is worth it? I work in geographically challenged development environment and some of the features seem pretty nice. But at 5K a seat it seems very overpriced.
Well, we have one group here in my office that uses the Team Studio version of VS2005. They seem to like it ok and it fits their project hierarchy alright.

But, I have gone to training for it and we have decided that it just wouldn't fit very well for out type of project. VS2006 Team Suite is modeled on a process that you would see in a software development house like Microsoft. That model is very different that our web-based software that we develop and it would be difficult for us to change our model to fit what Team Suite offers and therefore we won't be using it.

Don't get me wrong. It is a nice suite of tools they have there for the right team/projects.
Our school is currently using Team Suite for Senior Project classes. It is nice and I am glad that our school was allowed to train students to use this software for when we graduate and are released into the world.

It comes pre-packaged with the agile software development process. From my understanding of the tool, it is possible to either purchase or create a software development process. I am currently unaware at how capable the suite is at doing this, but we were informed that MS is not forcing a certain model on whoever purchases team suite. MS simply provides one model right now and encourage serious developers to create their own.

A fun tool and all but for the purposes of my senior project, I also opted to not use it. Partially because the VSTS server was hosted on some shat computer on campus where if a single other person was working on their SP it would lag like hell taking half an hour to simply open. I used some of it so I could have the experience.