Vista Video playback 1pixel border around SD videos


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Well I think I've found out why the line (it's basically a line 1pix wide that borders any video you play in any video player, the line is the opposite end of the edge of that side of the video, still with me? read on!)

Basically I noticed today that whilst watching 1080p videos that I could not see the 1pix border any more, strange! I downloaded a 720 and 480p of the same video (trailer) and noticed they had lines when viewing full screen or they were not being viewed at 100% video size (unscaled up).

So pretty much it goes down to this:

1: Any video that isn't the native width resolution to your screen has the border around the video

2: Native resolution videos (1080p on a 1920x1200 res monitor) don't have the border.

Anyone know a fix?

If I remember right I only started noticing it when I moved to ATI on Vista. Disable Aero and the issue goes away!
I have an identical issue and am yet to find a solution. Disabling Aero doesn't do it for me. As it happens, videos decoded with CoreAVC however do play normally.

Raden HD 4870 on Vista 64.
If you are using 1920x1200 and playing SD video's then:

  • PowerDVD - Set Aspect Ratio => CLPV (Smart Stretch)
  • VLC - set forced aspect ratio to 16:10.
  • Windows Media Player also includes aspect ratio setup using horizontal pixels but it is just too much trouble to use.
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this is not just vista. ive noticed this in xp in the last month or two as well. the topmost line is actually the bottommost line. and the opposite. its most visible when you are watching a video thats wider screen than your widescreen (with black bars). i figured it must be the latest ffdshow filters or something. but maybe its the catalyst drivers doing it?