Vista GDI Problems


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Has anyone written any programs for vista yet? What have you noticed about GDI applications? Are they working right for you? If not, what seems to be the problem and how did you fix it?
>_>... I don't know what GDI means.
99% of all programs I used in Vista worked perfectly, except windowed games would fade in-out as they loaded things.
Your applications "should" be fine.

I haven't run into any problems yet, but I mostly work with .Net at this point. Haven't done anything with C++ in a while now.
Not running into problems yet. I have just been researching the changes in vista a lil bit and noticed that they are doing overhaul on a lot of things. MS has not touched GDI for the most part since it's release, minor updates here and there but nothing significant. What with their whole new GUI system, that eventually maps to hardware calls, while they claim to support legacy GUI implementation are they are mapping the old stuff to the new stuff. If so, would that not violate some of the basis the old code was developed over? Such that GDI and MFC and such were not meant to be passed to any specialized hardware or through an advanced graphics system(DX10). Mebbe I am just being a worry wort, mebbe somebody can explain this a bit more for me if their is some information I am missing or have wrong. But my current understanding is there could be some unhappy people out there and we do not know it yet.

I know tons of applications big and small use GDI and other older GUI stuffs. I guess, to put it more broadly, I am really asking if there is anything out there that is going to be tormented by vista? Other than the users of course. ;)

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