Visiontek 550


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When I read the ATI site about this card I fell in love with the idea that the one card / one chip could decode all world TV standards.
The Visiontek card seemed at the right price (and I had bouight their x1300) so I thought my machine would cook.

Now being from Australia we use a version of the most used TV format in the world - PAL.
For the life of me I could not get my visiontek card to tune into PAL TV - it seemed locked on NTSC-M.
So I wrote Visiontek and their reply was that the had a notice on their web-site (not on the box packaging or in the sales blurb) that their Theatre 550 version card will only operate in NTSC.

I dug into my registry and under
Hkey local machine>Software>ATI Technologies>CDS>Capture>0000>0 I found this "Philips FI1236 MK2 NTSC M/N North America-External Tuner POD"

In searching that string I found the AMD developers site and found this page
which talks about all the different tuners types that an ATI tuner card could have.

Above that string is another
Tuner Standard>NTSC (0x0000000c)

Does anyone know If I can change some registry settings and force PAL, as when I am in (using Virtualdub) AVI Capture>Capture Pin> the Video Standard is grey out and locked to the TV broadcast frame rate of 29.97 fps

Chris-TV in the past has managed to make things work in PAL, which make me think that there are software settings that can be changed.