Video in why won't it work?



for 2 days i have been trying to get vi to work. I am using a DV camcorder and can get the images on screen but when i choose save to c:\capture it dose not save any clips. If i change to a different video compression it will either do the same or just crash on me when i stop a recording. What should i be doing? i have tried almost every possibility.

I also get 4 lost clusters each time i try recording detected by scandisk.

I am realy pi$$ed about this, this is one reason i got the Radeon 64 VIVO.

my system.

Athlon 950
Abit KA7
Fujitsu 17gig udma/66
set 6gb to record file so disk space is not a issue for a 20 sec clip.

Anyone had this prob and can help me .

Thanx Chris.
Yes web tv is installed, it just will not save mpg, mp1, mp2 or avi to disk. why ?
Have you tried plugging your harddrive into another IDE port, or turning off DMA.
no. but i have tried to save to my other hdd as well which is not UDMA/66. so you mean run it at PIO mode instead of udma?.

Yea thats what I meant... but since you have another drive, and it wont save to it either, I'm stumped. Are you overclocking?
the mobo is running at 100fsb. the Athlon is a 750 solderd to 950MHz. everything is running at normal speed ( even the Radeon) untill i get things working. I tried disabling the dma in win and using pio mode in bios. Still the same old story. I am starting to regret getting the Radeon now. I just paid £1000 for a DV camcorder and £235 for this Radeon which will not let me save my home movies.

I am thinking of getting rid of the Rad after only 5 days, i may as well get the Geforce 2 Ultra and a video editing card. I suppose you get what you pay for, i knew i should not have gone with the cheap way.

Another gripe while i am at it.

Before buying the Rad i asked my local store about i heard that oem 's were clocked at 166/166 not 183/183. He did not belive me, i said i heard it on the web but was not sure. Anyway he e-maild ATI and asked them. They said the oem 64 VIVO is in no way different to the retail 64 VIVO. wow i thought it must be the 32mb rads that are running at 166/166 not the top end card. So i bought one. well you all know they lied and this is running at 166/166.

AGP is a laugh ain't it. i could only get agp x4 by uninstalling the via agp drivers and the card ran 50% slower.

I feel like i have been shafted, and won't trust ati ever again.

Got the video capture working at last. All i had to do was uninstall the VIA 4 in 1 drivers. These drivers suck. They prevented me using agp x4 and my vivo.

Thanx for your input.

Funny... I have tried Video Capturing on my machine, using ATI's 4 in 1 drivers on my system (which is Athlon based) and I had no problems what so ever - I ran my old VCR into it and recorded some video clips as a test and I plugged my old Super Nintendo in as well. It all works groovy. Dunno what was going on there Chris UK !
And by the way - in some ways, I feel more shafted by VIA as a pose to ATI. I feel that their motherboard, despite having high performance, is pretty damn poor. I have had no end of compatibility problems with it - my GeForce DDR used to give me grief - the ATI Radeon seems to have sorted most of my problems out !

Tell the guy at your local store to ask again,
he either didn't ask the right way, or he got somebody
new at ATI answering that email.

The only card designated to be running at 183/183 is the
retail 64MB VIVO, ALL the other boards are specc'ed to
have 166 memory put on them. There are rumors that a
few OEM 64s have been clocked at 183, but in general you
should only expect to get one as a retail board.

Performance wise (for non-game use) there is little other
difference between the cards. So you weren't lied to, but
the people you are dealing with need to be more clear with
the information they give out.
It is funny i just pulled out a DDR and that never gave me problems. On ATi's website , which is not the easiest to navigate it says there are some compatibility problems with some kx-133 based mobo's. I don't blame ATI as much as i do VIA.

The thing i can not understand is why the Via drivers affect both my agp and video in?. without the via 4in1 drivers i can get 4xagp ( but 50% slower in games ?) and be able to use Video in. With the drivers i get unstable agpx2, only agpx1 works with my mobo, and the Video in crashes or locks up.

The via drivers are needed but they must be fixed so we that have kx-133 chipsets that are having problems can use the benefit of the 4in1 drivers.

I am just glad to be able to use the Computer, i will take a peformance loss for now i just hope i do not have to wait too long.

Hi Chris,

It would appear that I am running a pretty similar rig to you actually. I am one of the (un?)lucky KA7 owners. As previously mentioned, I am also running an OEM 64MB DDR Radeon VIVO...

I have found that if I enable 4xAGP in the BIOS itself, but install the AGP drivers in standard mode - the driver pack I am using is 4.24 ... is that any help to you? I am running Windows ME and all seems pretty rosy.